Weeknotes #4


Hmm… guess I missed last week. Stress sunk it’s claws into me.

Sore back. I’m feeling so old. Did some babysitting. Grateful for a big blessing on our family.

Cleaned up inboxes and task lists.


Business development and networking.

Created a “hire-me” page which required further integration of the CMS on systematicui.com as well as creating a twitter card.


Can’t stop reading about inv.tech. What a fascinating company, so completely transparent.

Completely trapped by over a foot of snow. Winter is still here.


So, I built an interesting script for generating a Nuxt website from a static HTML file. It’s not that hard but it is interesting. Nuxt will lose any static payload data once it’s done with hydration, assuming that you will make an API call after hydration. That’s a bit of a pain, so you have to write your dynamic generation-time data into a JSON file and then embed it in your output JS with webpack require() assignment.


🌞🌤❄️🌬☔️cool emoji weather library parses text and picks an emoji.

Started watching https://www.invisionapp.com/design-system-manager/expert-advice/heartache-design-scale

I ordered contacts with an app. Pretty neat experience, but it’s still amazing how often multi-step forms lose state or experience similar bugs.