Dev Journal: React native and webviews

Let’s get this going again.

baby yoda dance

I have some meetings today. I have a call with a client about design work at the end of the day. I still need to call my doctor. I still need to test out a webview in a react native app. Writing these posts is like journaling during the day.

Last night I checked out a book from the libarary about ADHD. I feel like I need to take this seriously and start really paying attention to this side of myself — not just be embarassed and ashamed because of the stigma around having a “disorder”. I could find coping mechanisms and look for opportunities to use my strengths, but I have a deep-seated belief that ADD makes me a bad worker, and it will get me fired.

9:54 AM

Great meeting about our big project, it kept me engaged with problem solving. Now, I think I’m going to try to load the web view in the mobile app like I started yesterday.

10:02 AM

My iPhone doesn’t have VPN access to the necessary dev servers. Need to run the web application container locally so I can do a real tests.

10:49 AM

Distracted with an article about mid-century cryptography machines. How amazing would it be to build a purely mechanical or maybe an electromechanical crypto device.

11:11 AM

Trying to make some progress. Discovering lots of little issues with the container react application. Like some bizarre browser detection feature.

unsupported browser?

I mean this works… technically. So can I get a mapbox map to show up here? If I can get the same map and data to render in both ways then this test will be done.

3:25 PM

I had another good meeting. I like filling up my day with meetings like that, I feel productive despite myself when I can help make decisions and discuss problems. Now it’s time for a little design meeting with my longest-running freelance client. We manage to do some good design work, and it’s almost all on the phone while I work in figma and he watches me. Some designers would probably lose their minds. I feel really proud of the work we did to re-design hundreds of screens of functionality over the last couple of years.

5:24 PM

Did some good work today. Did not call my doctor. Took a short nap over lunch. I never got past that stupid unsupported browser warning. So I’m going to have to yank all of the features out of this web app and just make a really minimal reproduction app that doesn’t have any of the login stuff in it tomorrow. And then I need to figure out some good answers about offline sync options.