ADHD Dev Journal: Off & On

Great 3-day weekend. Played with my kids, picnicked with neighbors. It’s amazing how much easier it is to enjoy the weekend with this new job compared to working for an early stage startup.

Lots to catch up on today. Feeling a little overwhelmed again.

Over the weekend I read some more about ADD and considered a few different things to try.

  1. Large daily doses of a multi-vitamin like EMP+

  2. A desk bike like the Flexispot, as reviewed on ars.

What about a standing desk? Hmm might need to do some business expenses at the end of the year. Wait… is my LG 5K actually VESA mount compatible? Is the built-in stand tall enough for standing desk configuration?

9:03 AM

I’m very interested in Watermelon DB. I actually tried using Nozbe (they own this github repo) as my task manager like 10 years ago. It was very powerful.

watermelon db logo

So it’s a database for making react-native apps fast that would be slowed down by loading and unloading large persisted caches into Redux stores. Multi-threading, native threads, indexing. What is it using for it’s DB on native? On the web it can use Loki.js.

Is the app I’m building really a offline-first app?

Watermelon does not really take care of syncing. Wait they have flow types? Not typescript? Wat?

So if we want to build the app with strong offline support we need to consider if it needs a full offline database? Doe the use-cases support that? Does data get created and updated on the mobile client that will then be synced to the back-end eventually? And I know we have sync endpoints for reading data but do we have endpoints for bulk updating data that was changed locally?

Checked into PouchDB years ago. I don’t think Couch DB on the server is a viable option for this app. It’s not a great, or feature-full production app database.

11:21 AM

Having trouble caring about work at the moment.

2:12 PM

Looking up information about OAuth and react-native.

2:52 PM

Thinking about digital nomad life in Costa Rica. Apparently cost of living isn’t actually that low any more. New digital nomad visa doesn’t really apply since I would be spending less than 6 months anyway.

3:12 PM


Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL)

React Native MSAL

4:06 PM

SolidJS - I like that people are still perfecting the front-end functional reactive programming paradigm.

4:19 PM

Oh wow. “Moonfall”. This new Roland Emmerich film looks like exactly the kind of escapist nonsense I want to see.