ADHD Dev Journal: After a long weekend

Getting away with my wife for some relaxation and eating out was truly special. We had some close friends offer to watch the kids for a couple days. It’s been over a year since we’ve gotten to completely unplug and relax like that for more than a couple hours. Our favorite things to do were eating out, and shopping for little decorations to go around the house.

Some articles I’ve been looking at this morning.

wikimedia threats?


Keybase… belongs to zoom?



Home Ventilation Project

10:44 AM

Time to write up some recommendations for authentication steps.

9:43 PM

I spent a little more time on the self-hosted budgeting app Firefly-iii. Setting it up was not quite as straight-forward as I had hoped. Basically the author is aggressively moving forward with minimum system requirements and forcing PHP 8 for the latest version, which isn’t available on my 8 year old NAS chip architecture. Had to figure out how to roll back, since PHP will still attempt to execute the new code but will fail on newer syntax. Also there are always little gotchas if you don’t keep each element of the application up to date, so since I was running a version of MariaDB that was old, it didn’t install correctly at one point. That troubleshooting process took a while, and then for some reason the CSV-Importer application that is a sort of side-car to the main application is erroring out without showing me the message, and that makes it very difficult to troubleshoot. Without CSV importing I’m not sure it’s worth setting up the budget app at all. I’m certainly not going to enter transactions manually. I’m not even certain I’m willing to import them on a monthly basis based on my past patterns with these types of finance apps.