ADHD Dev Journal: API Keys

9:24 AM

  • Learned that for Rest endpoints, the Pancacke App API key is passed in through the HTTP Header X-API-KEY

10:43 AM

Absorbing more information about carbon and climate change.

Brighten the Clouds? - don’t forget that it reflects energy back onto the earth that would have been radiated out…

Sequestration of plant material may not actually work if you just bury it.

Olivine seems fine… but it’s impurities are kinda toxic I guess?

Parasols in spaaaaace!

Recyling… not our finest idea

What a mess. Global Analysis Paralysis has set in… and for good reason.

10:56 AM

Discussion of a hackathon project for next week. I’m good at starting new things from scratch.

2:29 PM

Been setting up a new application environment in AWS for the hackathon. Trying to make lots of decisions.

decisions whiteboard

4:32 PM

Always double-check the region in the AWS console. And RDS with Postgres and RDS Aurora with Postgres are two totally different things.