Weeknotes #3

Over the Weekend I spent quite a bit of time on a side project that could turn into a really interesting service. It’s a tool that’s useful for deploying and testing CSS design systems. Puppeteer + Docker + Node + Typescript + Mongo Stitch. Super exciting.


Played with my boys in the morning, enjoyed the sun and watched a small avalanche on the mountain nearby.

I’ve been writing docs, and came up with 12 Factors for Enterprise-Level Front-End Code Quality

  1. Linting
  2. TypeScript
  3. Unit Testing
  4. E2E or Integration Testing
  5. Git, PRs and Code reviews
  6. Continuous Integration
  7. Multiple Environments
  8. Dependency Mgmt. & Security Auditing
  9. Visual Regression Testing
  10. Error Monitoring
  11. Performance Monitoring
  12. Documentation


Hey someone started on a new version of Fractal! It even has a Vue demo. 😍

I built a new project boilerplate for design system projects using Parcel for compilation, XO for Linting, even somehow managed to get TypeScript Support working.


Created a project generator script for design systems with different boilerplate options for folder structure and CSS preprocessors. https://github.com/sirtimbly/systematic-ui-scripts

Rebuilt a Nuxt 1.4 site in Nuxt 2.4. Figured out how to get ESLint working with that setup, and typescript again. What a pain. I never realized how easy TSLint was.


Posted a new project on my portfolio. Designing a Perfect-fit Soluton for a Niche Industry


Re-discovered Astrum for design systems. Light weight design systems running on JS in the browser. No build step or dev server. Interesting.

Order some Darn Tough Socks they last a long time and when they do wear out you can get free replacements from the company.